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The Associated Students of Eastern Oregon University, ASEOU, strives to represent the interest, welfare, and will of the student body.  ASEOU supports the teamwork, diversity, and excellence of our peers while seeking solutions to their issues.  As leaders, we take pride in the advancement of the educational, social, and cultural experience of each individual to create a student centered University.

Elections polls are open May 11th-May 20th. Candidate platforms for Senator and President are below!

ASEOU is also hiring for various positions within the 2015-2016 academic year. Position descriptions are listed here: ASEOU_Position_Descriptions. Applications can be picked up in our office (Hoke 206).


Charli Torres
My name is Charli Torres and I am running for an Associated Students of Eastern Oregon University Senator position. My campaign slogan is I know “I’m a rookie, but I’m one smart cookie!” I’m campaigning for this position because I want to help improve campus involvement and help with advancing educational experiences around campus. Issues I plan to address are more student enrollment, more student involvement, and more student’s jobs after graduation. I will go about getting more student enrollment by helping generate new programs that attract more people and reach out to more schools that haven’t heard of Eastern Oregon University. I will go about getting more student involvement, by helping clubs create fun activities for students to participate in. I will go about helping student’s get jobs after graduation by mentioning the career services in Inlow, and advertising the career center more throughout campus. I also plan on helping clubs find possible career opportunities and possibly internships that relate to their club interests. I already have a friend in mind that is trying to establish a club that deals with sports business and will help students that want to go into that field build relationships with sports firms. He plans to find internships for students and help create other career opportunities as well. He has some other great ideas and I want to help him with them and any other student or club that wants the same thing. I want to help improve Eastern Oregon University and I know I have the abilities to do so.

Phath Chab
Hello, my name is Phath Chab and I am running for Student Senate for Eastern Oregon University. I trust that I am going to try my best and make a difference in the quality of our academic career with an open mind and open heart. I understand the university need leaders to voice the student body and any concerns that arise out of the school year. Allow me to represent you and your needs to access all the resources available on campus in order to make learning a time of scholarly research and leisure as well.

I feel confident that you are concerned with tuition and how to provide yourself with different kinds of programs that you are interested with. Litigating at meetings is essential in requesting budget proposals and deciding how much our EOU campus will be given. Addressing student loans and grants is a main priority and reason in running the campaign for your student leadership acquisition. The state have enough funds to cater to each student with needs and services. I have been with ASEOU since beginning of this year serving on the EOU Bookstore Committee and actively involved with the International Student Association. I like working with the K-House on Thursday nights in providing free dinners for students.

Let’s have fun while learning and not worry about high debt rate when graduations loom not too far. As a reminder, let me offer this chance for you to include yourself in student relations with our State Board of Higher Education and implore each one to vote. Education needs a place in our community and your voice is leading us into the future. Allow me to be your outstanding elected official. Thank you.

Elsie Praeger-Goller
Being a senator is important to me to be able to serve students through a representation and call to action. The students of EOU would find me to be a senator in a unique place as I have been on campus for a year and will be moving to the onsite campus in Gresham where I can gain knowledge on how onsite campuses view ASEOU and EOU as a whole. The spring before I transferred I wanted to be involved in ASEOU but stay at the Gresham site. I asked their student government who told me this was not an option. Now this is an opportunity I am grateful to have.

Some issues on campus I see are the new form of shared governance with a board of trustees, a rising level of student disengagement and a growing number of policy changes at a rapid rate for students, faculty and staff to keep up with. These issues are important to me because they directly relate to the student body I hope to represent. I am the student seat for the board of trustees where I can help oversee policy and structural changes to deal with these issues. As well, I have been to every senate and executive meeting thus far in the 2014-­2015 year as an office assistant where I have gained knowledge on what will and won’t work for students. Thank you for considering me to be your first online senator.

Meghan McDonough
It would be an honor to hold a senate position for the Associated Students of Eastern Oregon University. If I Meghan McDonough, earned this honor, I would assure that students have a voice within the EOU community, and that their voice would be heard. I feel that EOU needs to come together as a community to support and encourage more student involvement outside of the classroom, and I would strive to make these opportunities available.

If I were to be elected to be a senator, there are several key issues I would address. The first is student involvement.  In my experience, students lack knowledge regarding campus clubs and activities.  These are critical for recruiting and retention, as they get students invested in life at EOU. Next, I will work to prevent excessive tuition increases. Many of our students rely on student loans to make college education possible. Protecting this opportunity for students is a top priority. Finally, I will work to ensure that ASEOU, Administrators, Faculty, and the new Board of Trustees work together for the betterment of students, as shared governance is important.  

I am confident that I will excel as a senator, as I have demonstrated an ability to balance academics and student life. While maintaining good academics, I recently co-created EOU’s first Yoga Club and serve as co-President. Additionally, I am a member of the Education Club, a cashier at the bookstore, and an office assistant for ASEOU. 

Taken together, given my passion for student involvement, my focus on key student issues, and my experience in clubs and organizations, I would make an excellent senator for ASEOU.


Addie Beplate
Hey Eastern, my name is Addie Beplate and I would love to be given the opportunity to represent you as the future ASEOU President for the 2015-16 academic year. Considering my current involvement with ASEOU as a Student Senator, running for the presidential position felt like the next step in staying involved and serving Eastern Oregon University to the best of my ability. I feel that my experience with student government this past year has provided the necessary skills and knowledge required for this position. Student government as well as the various other activities I am associated with here on campus such as collegiate athletics, co-founding the new Economics Club, as well as being an online tutor have allowed for me to connect with a wide arrange of students here at EOU. Being able to connect and interact with the various sectors of our school demographic has been the highlight of my college experience—I cannot thank you all enough. If given the opportunity to represent my peers as President, I would work towards involving myself and directing attention towards university funding, campus involvement, and hopefully lobby for the best interests of students.  My experiences and active participation have enabled me to learn about issues pertaining to our university, all of which will present challenges for the student government this coming academic year. I am confident that my prior knowledge paired with involved Student Senators and Executive Officers will allow for this to be a success. Being elected President would be a sterling quality to put on my future resume in the hopes of becoming a lawyer. Moreover, I am very proud to be a member of the Mountaineer family and care tremendously about this university and all of whom this institution represents; I hope you consider voting for me.


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