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Election Results

President - Philip Sebastiani

Senators - Dakota Olson, Zach Bartlow, Kuzivakwashe Kambasha, Patricia Taylor, Kassandra Freeman, Adam Bese, Emily Mery, and Addie Beplate.

Total number of votes needed per ASEOU Election Guidelines - 8% of student population (on-campus): 118.5 out of 1,482

Total votes for election: 179


Specific results indicating numbers:


Evan Bryan - 83

Philip Sebastiani - 96



Zach Bartlow - 108

Addie Beplate - 64

Adam Bese - 88

Jace Billings - 79 (disqualified - no attendance at forum per guidelines)

Kassandra Freeman - 83

Miranda Gathwright - 78 (withdrew)

Kuzivakwashe Kambasha - 98

Emily Mery - 86

Maloree Moss - 64 (disqualified - no attendance at forum per guidelines)

Dakota Olson - 109

Stefani Sorenson - 70 (withdrew)

Bobbie Sumpter - 49 (disqualified - no attendance at forum per guidelines)

Patricia Taylor - 90

Write-In - 9



Our Mission: 

The Associated Students of Eastern Oregon University, ASEOU, strives to represent the interest, welfare, and will of the student body.  ASEOU supports the teamwork, diversity, and excellence of our peers while seeking solutions to their issues.  As leaders, we take pride in the advancement of the educational, social, and cultural experience of each individual to create a student centered University.

Stop By! Our office is located in the Hoke Union Building, Room 206. Please feel free to stop by anytime! A list of our office hours are posted outside the door\



EOU Students meeting with State Senator Bill Hansell                            EOU Students with NBA player Jason Collins